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Cook Book

Setting Up a Good Digital Recipe Book

Lisa - August 3, 2022

A well-organized recipe book can streamline meal planning and cooking. Digital recipe books work best when lots of recipes are added, and also tagged in ways that make them easy to find. Each recipe's ingredients and instructions should also be written clearly.


Plan a Family Get-Together

Lisa - July 6, 2022

Stay organized while planning a family party. Set a date with plenty of communication, lay out the tasks to do and decisions to make, and delegate tasks to others to help relieve your burden. Family Tools can help you track assignments in your immediate family as well as ask for help from extended family.

Family in a car

How Plans Reduce Stress

Lisa - June 15, 2022

A little organization can go a long way to help reduce the stress of big events and projects, such as a family camping trip. Family Tools' Plans is designed to break these into smaller, more manageable pieces while keeping them connected. Each plan can be viewed on a dedicated page or within the app's other sections for easy day-to-day access.

People at sunset

Family Time Spent Well (Part 2)

Lisa - June 1, 2022

Use calendars and task trackers to put your priorities into action. Determine what your family spends too much time on, as well as what you'd like to do more. Then rely on the tools you've set up to make them happen.

Kids on couch

Family Time Spent Well (Part 1)

Lisa - May 18, 2022

Help your family spend their time well by establishing priorities. Think about what's important to your family, what activities require more time, and how to balance different needs. Communicate openly and respect different opinions as you determine what you really value and what to spend your time on.


Make a Useful Shopping List

Lisa - May 4, 2022

Streamline your grocery trip with a better shopping list. Let the whole family access it, and also identify who adds each item. Use categories to sort things out. Connect it with your meal plans to make sure you get everything you need. Family Tools can help with it all.

Girl with planner

Great Family Calendars (Part 2 - Family Tools)

Lisa - April 20, 2022

Family Tools can help you get your family's calendar organized. Its features make it accessible to all ages and easy for everyone to use. Events are clearly distinguished with icons, and the view can be simplified for kids.


Great Family Calendars (Part 1 - Old School)

Lisa - April 6, 2022

A good family calendar includes everyone and is easy to sort through at a glance. Communicate often and resolve schedule conflicts early to keep the family in harmony. Simple calendars can benefit young children.

Family Cleaning

Motivate Kids With Rewards

Lisa - March 23, 2022

Rewarding kids can help motivate them to work. Bigger projects merit bigger rewards, but may need milestone prizes along the way to maintain enthusiasm. Family Tools' reward system gives points for everything and shows progress to keep kids going.

Mom Helping Daughter with Homework

Help Your Child Do Better With Homework

Lisa - March 9, 2022

Homework requires consistent effort and frequent reminders. Parents can help their children succeed by setting expectations, tracking their progress, and offering encouragement. Working together is key.