Organize Your Family Your Way

Welcome to the next level of family unity! Family Tools is a family organizer designed to keep your family on the same page. The app is full of tools to help your family plan and be productive. From coordinating the calendar to managing chores, organization has never been so accessible, productive, and rewarding.

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Download It on Your Phone

Family Tools is wherever you need it--phone, tablet, or desktop.

Fit for All Families

Whether you're a new couple, a blended family of ten, or even determined to get organized by yourself, Family Tools is flexible to your family's needs. Start simplified accounts when children are young, then attach an email address when they're ready. Add and remove members according to your situation. We'll bring the tools, you bring the family.

“We love this app! It has eliminated the need for many apps as they are now all in one app.”

Angie N
Angie N.
Mom at work while dad his helping kids

Helping Make Sure Nothing Is Forgotten

Whether it is chores or something to get at the store, Family Tools is designed to help make sure you don't forget about it. With reminders to help you remember events and easy access to what is happening today, you can stay on top of everything without worry.

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Family Organization Built to Unify

Every aspect of the app is designed to meet your family organization needs. Here are just a few of our useful features:


Share the Work, Reduce the Stress

Chores are how families work together to keep the house in order. Create chore lists for children and parents alike, then see things get done in harmony.


Facilitate Learning at Home

When parents are involved in a child's schoolwork, learning and accountability reach new levels. Family Tools helps both parents and children manage everything from daily reading to science projects.


The Catch-all List

Use these for those miscellaneous things that just need to get done, from personal goals to tasks you need your spouse or children to do. A todo list sets no boundaries for what your family can accomplish.


One for the Whole Family

Family Tools makes schedules easy for everyone--kids and adults, Android and Apple users, even the methodical and the spontaneous. See for yourself what this calendar can do for you.


Type it In, Check it Off

At its core, every organization solution relies on some kind of list. Family Tools' List section is easy for everyone to use, helping your whole family get things in order.


From Stressful to Straightforward

A plan is a combination of tasks, events, lists, and/or notes all displayed on one cohesive screen. This integration helps combat the chaos of major events or complicated projects.


Always Know What's For Dinner

"What's for dinner?" It's a classic dilemma and a never-ending question. Thankfully, Family Tools is here to help. Collect your recipes, plan your dinners, and prepare your grocery list, all with one easy-to-use system.

Dashboard & Rewards

Easy Access, Nice Incentives

All the tools are together on your home screen for quick access and better organization. Plus, you can check your progress toward rewards and customize both the dashboard's functions and the whole app's appearance.

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Ready to get your family organized?

By helping you organize the way you need, Family Tools will build love and unity in your family life. Reduce contention, mitigate stress, and increase peace by getting everyone on the same page. It's also free for you and your whole family--get started now!

Get Organized!