Mom Helping Daughter with Homework

Help Your Child Do Better With Homework

Lisa - March 9, 2022

School—a place of experiencing new things and understanding the world better. A place to meet friends and make memories. A place for kids to figure out what they love and what they want to do in the future.

However, school also brings a lot of work and some stressful days, both for parents and children. Staying on top of the daily flow of homework takes consistent effort, and sometimes frequent reminders. It takes a lot of energy for parents to keep track of all that’s expected, especially with multiple kids in different grades. Left unmanaged, it’s easy for kids to fall behind and get overwhelmed.

That’s where Family Tools wants to help. Our homework manager lets both parents and children add the assignments, including the subject and the due date. Then each child can see all their homework on their own device, while parents can see every child’s homework or filter as needed. It also updates in real time, so you’ll see what’s assigned as soon as it’s added and can even receive a notification if you’re not on the app. If your kids have repeating homework like daily reading or weekly math worksheets, it only needs to be set up once for kids to be able to check it off regularly, reducing the need for nagging reminders.

We’re not promising instant results; getting the system going will take some time, especially if you or your child is new to Family Tools. Open your devices together and explore how the app works. Then set expectations about how your child should track their homework, such as whether you want to see the assignment before they check it off. Maybe offer some reward for finishing everything on the list. (You can receive a notification when this happens, if you set it up!) Using the homework manager will, of course, look different for young children compared to teenagers.

Girl doing homework

We also have solutions for large projects. Not only can homework be added weeks—or even months—in advance, but the Plans section is specifically built for dividing big tasks into small pieces. For example, a plan entitled “Historical Figure Presentation” can include homework tasks like, “Decide who to research,” “Write a timeline of their life,” and “Summarize their accomplishments”. If parental help is needed, the child can include you in the plan and assign you tasks such as, “Pick up a poster board” or “Help me print some pictures”. For projects that are presented publicly, such as science fairs and band concerts, you can even add an event to the calendar so you make sure to attend and support your child.

No app can solve all school challenges or replace good communication. Make sure you’re personally checking on your kids’ progress often, and giving one-on-one encouragement whenever they’re trying hard. Being there for them may not make the homework load lighter, but it will help them have strength to handle it. As exhausting as it can be for both of you, you’ll grow together and, in time, have a shared victory.

When parents and children work together, learning can be at its best. Let us help you make that happen.