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Build Love and Unity with Family Tools

Lisa - February 9, 2022

Family life can be stressful. There are clothes to clean, practices to attend, projects to finish, food to buy, performances to support, trips to prepare for, and so much more. When chores get neglected, groceries get forgotten, or schedules have to be explained multiple times, the stress only increases. How can we mitigate this stress and be more unified?

The central purpose of Family Tools is to do just that—get family members on the same page to lessen contention and increase harmony. Each section is designed to do this—kids and parents can add their own stuff, most information is visible to everyone, and it all updates in real time. Here are some examples of how that unity can happen.

Let’s say your son is in charge of taking out the trash on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s easy to forget since it’s not every day and he has other things to get done, like homework and baseball practice. Instead of allowing a cycle of neglect, nagging, and frustration to start, you add it to Family Tools as a repeating chore. He sees it every time he checks the app for other reasons, which helps him remember to do it on time. No more overflowing garbage or repeated verbal reminders.

Family Party

Here’s another scenario. Grandma is having a family party on Friday night. Your daughter wanted to plan a date for that day, and your son is meeting with friends that afternoon to work on a group project. Because Grandma’s party is on Family Tools, your daughter checks the calendar before scheduling her date and decides to change it to Saturday. Your son sets up a notification to remind him an hour before the party starts, giving him time to get home before the family leaves. No more miscommunication about conflicting events.

Now, consider if your daughter is preparing to attend a weeklong summer camp and needs to bring certain clothes and supplies. Not only can she easily make her own packing list with custom categories, but you can look over it on your own device and make sure she doesn’t miss anything. If she needs anything from the store, she just adds it to the shopping list; then whoever goes will remember to pick it up. No more stress over losing the paper packing list, or midnight rushes to buy what she can’t go without.

These are just a few ways you and your family can be more unified as you organize together, and there are many more. Missing assignments can be tracked with the Tasks section’s “Late” feature. Family members can check the meal calendar to know what’s for dinner instead of asking all the time. If kids check things off appropriately, then parents can see what’s done in a single glance. Communication about chores, events, and meals is instantaneous, which prevents forgotten tasks and missing information. Everyone can be up-to-date with one another, helping things be accomplished more efficiently and harmoniously.

Reduce the contention. Increase the peace. Let us help you get on the same page.