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Better Planning for Better Meals

Lisa - February 23, 2022

It’s Monday night. The kids are home from school and sports practice, and they’re hungry. After a busy day, you realize that no one has a plan for dinner. You sift through the cupboard, peruse the fridge, and glance at the freezer. Unplanned, it’s hard to want to take time for four-cheese chicken Alfredo or chop all those vegetables for beef stew. Frozen pizza again?

If your family is tired of microwaved corn dogs or fast food, then a little planning can go a long way. By taking just a few minutes to plan your week or month, you can reduce the stress, increase together time, and even improve your nutrition. Thinking ahead can ensure that you have the right ingredients for good-quality meals as well as the time to prepare them. You can even plan meals that kids can help you make, giving you time to chat and work together. Using simple meals will mitigate stress even further.

Food on table

Making a meal plan will take some time, and it’s easy to run out of ideas when your cookbook isn’t right in front of you. That’s where Family Tools’ Meal Planner comes in. Once you’ve added your recipes to the app, it can generate your meal plan for you. The generator allows you to customize when certain meals should appear, such as saving big dinners for Sunday or setting aside a few for date nights. As soon as you’ve set what you want, a single button will plan meals for the time period you specify.

If you’re the kind of person that wants to plan not just dinner but every meal, the generator can take care of that, too. It has distinct settings for automating breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedules; the customizations you make for each of them will be saved separately. For instance, if you like Mexican food for lunch but never want it for dinner, the app will save that preference. The plan is also easy to adjust if necessary—each meal can be dragged from one day to another, switched between types, or changed completely to match your needs.

When you’ve made a plan, whether manually or automatically, you can then use the app to generate your shopping list. It will scan the planned recipes and assemble the ingredients in one list, then let you modify the result. For example, if you always have basil on hand, you can keep it off the list. If the recipes collectively called for 3.5 cups of milk, you can edit it to say “Half gallon” instead. With this tool, you’ll be ready for every meal you plan, and even streamline your grocery trip.

With all this in place, you’ll reach that busy evening calm and collected. The ingredients will be well-stocked and ready for use. You’ll have the time set aside to chop vegetables, and maybe even think ahead enough to invite your daughter to help. Family members can look at the app to see what’s cooking instead of pestering you, and dinner can even be scheduled on the calendar to make sure that together time happens.

Family dinner

Planned meals are good for your family. They help you feel prepared, give you less-frazzled time together, and improve the quality of your meals. And Family Tools can help make it happen.

Let us help you make a meal plan. Your family will thank you!